Basic Dog Tricks

If you’ve got a dog that loves to play fetch, it’s time to start teaching him some basic tricks. The most basic game for dogs is fetch. Your dog should bring something to you, such as a ball or squeaky toy. Squeaky toys work best for this game because they excite your dog. You can even use treats to help your dog learn this game. Below are five basic tricks to teach your dog.


When you are teaching your dog to crawl, you must remember that it requires patience and your undivided attention. Practicing this trick at least once a day is recommended and should take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes per session. Remember to praise and reward your dog for the right behavior and do not allow him to become lazy. If you are not willing to invest the time, consider hiring a professional to teach your pet.

To train your dog to crawl, first start by training it to lay down. Alternatively, you can use an empty hand for this. After placing the treat on its paw, give it a verbal command like “down”.

Open/close door cue

To teach your dog the Open/close door cue, start by having your dog stand near the door that needs to be closed. You can use a post-it to help them associate the action with the door. Gradually increase the distraction intensity and distance. You can also use other distractions, such as raising your arms or knocking on a wall. Practice the command with your dog and other people, and introduce one proofing parameter at a time.

To teach a dog to wait at the door, you must make the door slightly wider than normal. When the door is opened, your dog should wait for about a second. This time will be less than its usual duration. Finally, you must release the cue before your dog can move through the door. If your dog doesn’t move until the release word comes, it will not wait long enough. When you are finished, reward him by letting him out and giving him the treat.

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Roll over

You can teach your dog to roll over by using a hand signal or verbal command. Then, you can reward your dog for rolling over. This basic trick requires a great deal of practice so you should be patient and not get frustrated if your pet does not roll over immediately. If your dog has a hard time staying calm, stop the session and try another one. Roll over is one of the most fun dog tricks and will help you train your dog to become a confident and reliable pet.

When training your dog to roll over, start slow and reward him when he performs it. Start by letting your dog know that you’re proud of their achievement. This can be done by giving them treats or praise whenever they perform the trick. If you’re having trouble training your dog to roll over, try using a verbal or physical signal to get your dog excited. As your dog gets used to the behavior, you can use a treat to reward it every time it performs it on its own.


Kissing is one of the most basic dog tricks. Your pooch can learn this behavior by being taught to give you a kiss on command. To start, you must give your dog a command such as “Kiss,” which will require him to lick your cheek. Then, use the kissing command in various locations and reshape your hand in different directions. This action will ensure that your dog never fails to give you a kiss again.

One of the first steps in teaching your dog to kiss is to use a yummy treat as a reward. Peanut butter and cream cheese work well for this. A towel is handy if your dog drools a lot. Make sure the human participant is willing to accept the slobber that comes along with this behavior. You may also want to start by presenting a stuffed toy to your dog as a reward after he successfully performs this command.

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