Best dog training app

This article will review some of the most popular dog training apps available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The best options may not be the best fit for your dog, but we’ll discuss Puppr, TrainAway, and Clicker training apps. You can also choose to train your dog with the Clicker method, which is an old-fashioned way to teach your dog new tricks. Whether you want to use clickers or clicker training, the right app can be a lifesaver.


The Puppr dog training app is an online platform where you can teach your puppy new tricks and improve his behavior. The application features a unique tier pricing system that gives you the option to purchase one of many premium plans. You can get a free trial and try out 14 tricks before making a decision. The app offers a wealth of information on training your dog, and it also allows you to create profiles for your dog.


The TrainAway dog training app is an excellent tool for busy dog owners. Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, it is designed to reduce negative dog behavior by playing various sounds that are paired with your pet’s negative behavior. These sounds are played in a semi-random pattern and at a low volume, and your dog will become desensitized to them over time. The app includes a large variety of different sounds that your dog will recognize, so he won’t be able to associate them with one particular sound.

Clicker training apps

If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, you can download one of the numerous Clicker dog training apps. These programs use the clicker technique to help you train your pet using positive reinforcement. The app uses an in-built clicker to reward your dog when they perform a desired task. In addition to this, it also has five customizable training programs, including clicker dog tricks. Some clicker dog training apps offer additional training for cats or other pets.

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For more information about this app, visit its website. The Pupford dog training app provides you with a 30-day training program designed by renowned dog trainer Zak George. Training sessions include crate training, leash walking, and teaching your dog to lay down. Each training session consists of a combination of written and video instructions. To reinforce the training, you will have to repeat the steps several times. You can also try behavior-specific training sessions.


If you are looking for a dog training application that will help you train your dog and improve your relationship, Hundeo is the best option for you. The app contains videos, tutorials, and guides on a variety of topics, including puppy basics, leash walking, recall, tow leash, clicker training, impulse control training, and examination basics. Hundeo also offers dog training guides, muzzle training, and more.


The GoDog app has a variety of features to help you train your dog. It has guided training courses, fun games, and even a community of dog parents who can help you out with your training sessions. It is also easy to use, which means that even the most novice users can get started in no time. GoDog also comes with a range of support options, including a live trainer chat that will help you with any problems you might encounter.

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