Dog recall training lead

A long lead is an important tool when training your dog. The reason for this is because it creates a sense of pulling, which is not helpful when you are teaching a recall. Instead, you should take the dog to a place where it can sniff the lead. Then, call your dog back to you using a positive tone of voice. Finally, reward your pooch when it comes back. This will help your pooch associate the sound of the call with a positive feeling.

Using the preferred command when teaching your dog to come when called, reel in the lead and repeat this action several times. Be sure to reinforce your dog’s behavior by giving him a tasty treat each time he comes. You can use this method until he comes back to you consistently. This process will take some time, so start small and build up your confidence and skill. In addition, you can use a clicker to reward your dog when it comes when called.

To begin the recall training process, choose a verbal cue. The cue can be either your dog’s name or an actual command. Although commands are the most effective, some owners prefer to use their own voice or a voice recorder to help their dog remember the cue. If you’d rather use a command, you can say the command “come” and the name “go.” Once you’ve chosen a cue, you can begin training.

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