Dog training jacket

A Dog training vest can be used for a variety of purposes. These vests are designed for use when you are training your dog to follow instructions. The vest’s design is a breathable poly/cotton blend, with soft cotton twill straps and a zipper that opens from the top or bottom. The vest is also fitted with additional Velcro for feeding bags and additional Velcro for a Velcro Tug for Vest.

A dog training vest is similar to a traditional vest, but it has a lot of additional features that make it a versatile training tool. Designed with multiple pockets – two front chest pockets, two waist pockets and a big tunnel pocket at the back – a dog trainer vest is highly functional. It’s also easy to clean, thanks to its water resistant material and easy maintenance. If your dog gets dirty, you can simply wash the vest after each training session.

A Dog Training Jacket and Pant Suit from FDT Pro Brand are water and mud-resistant and made of flexible, breathable fabric. These tracksuits also feature Velcro pockets, and are designed to give your dog optimum comfort and maneuverability. They are available in several colors and sizes to ensure that your pup will feel comfortable and safe while training. In addition, you can choose from black or grey with removable sleeves. A dog training jacket is the perfect training companion for your canine!

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