Dog training Labrador retriever

One of the first steps when training a Labrador retriever is to take them outdoors. Start by taking them outside every half an hour. Be sure to stay with them until they finish doing their business and reward them when they do. Training a Labrador retriever can take some time, so don’t expect to be able to complete all the necessary tasks in a day. This article will give you some helpful tips.

Always remember that training a Labrador retriever starts from the puppy stage. You must establish yourself as a leader and encourage your dog to follow you. Remember, dogs evolved as pack animals. In this respect, it is important to reward your dog with treats for completing tasks correctly. While it may be tempting to reward your dog every time you accomplish a task, it is important to remember that older dogs are more likely to delay gratification.

You should reward your puppy for completing the desired behavior by giving it a treat every time it performs the behavior correctly. This training will help your pup understand that a treat is a reward and is the best way to reinforce the behavior. Once your pup understands this connection, you can work on other tricks such as sitting, such as laying down and pawing at the floor. The more difficult tricks are when you first introduce your puppy to new things and don’t allow him to make up his mind about them.

Another useful command to train your Lab is the sit and stay command. Your Lab will likely already know how to sit for a reward and will soon be able to repeat the action for you. While this command can be difficult for Labs to learn, you should start by teaching them to sit for a short period of time and gradually increase their time while focusing on your commands. They will respond to these commands and be grateful for your help.

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You can begin teaching your Labrador to obey basic commands as early as eight weeks old. To teach your pup a new command, choose a quiet place with no distractions. Hold the treat in front of their face. Then, authoritatively say the command, and give a treat to the pup once they have performed the action. You must be patient with your new pup as they may make mistakes. Just make sure you reward them regularly and they will respond to your training efforts.

Another way to develop hunting instincts in your Labrador retriever is by allowing him to chase birds. Toy gun is one way to introduce the activity. Always make sure you don’t fire the gun before letting your Lab run after the bird. It’s also a good idea to introduce food as a reward when your dog retrieves the bird. As long as the dog can tolerate the noise, the next step is to show your Lab the target.

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