How to adopt an Affenpinscher dog

If you are considering adopting an Affenpinscher dog, you should know that this breed is a watchdog, not a pet. They are smart, alert, and excitable, and will take their duty of home guarding seriously. In fact, the Affenpinscher will alert the entire neighborhood if anyone is about to approach its front door! Consequently, it’s important to socialize your Affenpinscher dog early on, to ensure a healthy and balanced adulthood.

Affenpinschers are a companion dog

As the name implies, Affenpinschers are ratters, which means that they are related to terriers. Their heritage can be traced back to Germany, where they were first domesticated as ratters. The Affenpinscher is an excellent companion dog for first-time dog owners, but they require plenty of attention. Affenpinschers are great dogs for people who are looking for a small dog with a big attitude.

They are a watchdog

Affenpinschers have a reputation for being suspicious of strangers. They may even pitch fits when approached by someone or feel threatened. This makes them a good watchdog but it can also make them difficult to handle. To keep them safe, you should introduce your puppy to the outside world from a young age. This will allow your pup to experience different types of environments and situations. You can also take your puppy to a puppy obedience class, which will develop social skills and prevent potential problems.

They are independent

Affenpinscher dogs are independent, social, and highly intelligent. They need lots of exercise and socialization to be happy and healthy. You should be patient and firm when training this breed. Affenpinschers are prone to stubbornness, so be prepared for a lot of work! Training your Affenpinscher puppy will help you avoid problems and keep him safe around children. This breed is an excellent choice for families with older children, as it is tolerant of other pets and younger children.

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They are stubborn

As Affenpinscher dogs are independent, training can be difficult. These intelligent dogs are also quick learners, and training sessions should be short and varied. Potty training is another challenge for Affens, due to their tiny bladders. Crate training is a proven method. These dogs are extremely loyal to their owners, but can be difficult to train at first. Here are some tips for successful training:

They need regular exercise

Compared to other breeds, Affenpinscher dogs do not require a lot of exercise. They need regular socialization and consistent training, but require little more than daily walks and playtime. Even if they do not require a lot of physical exercise, they will need around 30 minutes to an hour of play per day. Affenpinschers love playing with puzzle toys and will get plenty of exercise from this.

They need early socialization

Affenpinscher dogs need early socialization to avoid a number of issues. This breed is notoriously territorial and can be quite scary for small children. While they are generally tolerant of other pets, they should never be left alone for long periods of time. It is important to introduce your puppy to other pets as early as possible, especially cats and smaller dogs, so that they can get used to them. Likewise, don’t leave your puppy outside unsupervised.

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