How to care for a Beauceron dog puppy

A Beauceron dog is a great pet for active and experienced pet parents. It enjoys outdoor activities, but also does well with kids when properly socialized. This breed does best in an all-pet household, and will need daily exercise. Read on to learn how to care for a Beauceron dog puppy. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Less than a year old

If you’re considering buying a Beauceron dog puppy, you should be aware of its unique dietary requirements. This breed tends to be active and requires three to five cups of food a day. If you’re planning on taking your new pet to dog parks or hiking trails, you’ll need to make sure you’re able to give your dog enough exercise. The breed sheds more heavily in warmer weather, so make sure you feed your pup food that suits your lifestyle.

Needs daily exercise

If you’re considering getting a Beauceron dog puppy, you’ll want to make sure it gets plenty of exercise. The breed has high levels of energy, which means it will need to be exercised at least two hours a day. In addition to walking, this breed excels in canine sports, such as agility. A daily walk or bike ride around the neighborhood won’t be enough for a Beauceron.

Needs regular nail trims

Regular nail trims are important for your Beauceron dog puppy, particularly if he tends to shed. You should also check his ears, and make sure that his teeth are clean. Regular nail trims will also prevent a tooth infection. A good dentist will also give your Beauceron puppy regular dental checkups. If you have a young dog, you can also trim his nails yourself.

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Has erect ears

The most striking trait of a Beauceron dog puppy is its erect ears. These erect ears are a distinctive trait among breeds of terriers. They give these pups a distinct alert appearance and allow them to hear better than their dropped and covered counterparts. Additionally, erect ears are easier to keep clean and less prone to infection. The ears of the breed also make it more intimidating for predators, so it’s important to choose a dog with erect ears.

Has double dewclaws

The Beauceron dog breed is a sturdy, lean and unique breed with distinctive physical traits. One of those traits is its rare set of double dewclaws on its hind legs. Only a handful of breeds have these, and most of them are mountain dogs or herding dogs from Europe. They help the dog keep its balance when running and balancing. Dewclaws are located near the feet and are thick and long compared to normal dews. Because they are so long, the Beaucerons require regular nail trimming to maintain their healthy dewclaws.

Needs rabies immunization

Your Beauceron dog puppy needs rabies vaccination as a part of its health care plan. Rabies is a serious and fatal viral disease that infects both humans and animals. Once symptoms of the disease appear, there is no treatment or cure. Rabies is transmitted through the bite of an infected animal. Although the disease can be fatal in some cases, it is usually curable by rabies vaccination.

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