How to look after a Beagle

If you are thinking of getting a Beagle puppy, you may be wondering how to look after a Beagle puppy. This breed of dog has low grooming requirements, which means you can skip brushing its teeth for the first two weeks. Once your puppy is older, you should brush his teeth at least three times a week, and give him a bath regularly. You can also get a microchip for your Beagle puppy and install it under his or her skin.

Beagles are a highly active breed and need plenty of exercise. Because they were originally bred for hunting, they are very active and can be difficult to train. This type of dog needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Be sure to take your beagle for walks with a leash, as they can be stubborn and dig. Even if you have a large yard, be sure to keep your puppy on a leash to keep him or her safe.

Beagle puppies need to eat several small meals throughout the day. Puppies under 12 weeks should be fed five to six times daily, while puppies from three to six months should eat three meals a day and treats in between. Once they reach six months, feeding can be reduced to two meals a day, depending on your pup’s age and nutritional needs. If you don’t feed your beagle enough, they will develop a high level of obesity and be prone to many health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

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