How to train a Beagle

One of the first things you should do when training a Beagle puppy is install a tracking system. Because they are highly active, beagles need to be supervised around children and other pets. Also, be sure to keep your Beagle on a leash while outside. A squirrel can easily draw a Beagle’s attention, so keep an eye out. Beagles can become distracted by scent, so make sure to use a tracking collar.

Next, you should introduce your puppy to different people, groups, and objects. Give him a treat for sitting when his bum touches the floor. Don’t punish him for standing if he doesn’t come instantly. Then, he’ll know how to behave around people and will have a higher self-esteem. Once you’ve established that he’s the alpha, you can move on to other training techniques.

The passive approach to training a Beagle takes more time, but it works! Observation is key when it comes to teaching a Beagle to sit. Start by holding a tasty dog treat in your hand. Your Beagle will likely start mouthing and pawing at your hand as it tries to reach your fist. Instead of scolding or kicking you, he’ll use the soft part of his muzzle to contact your hand. Make sure to praise him if he does this correctly.

Another important aspect of training a Beagle is keeping him leashed. This is because beagles are extraordinary sniffers. Most smells can distract them, causing them to wander off without paying attention to their owners. Keep a leash at all times until your puppy is fully trained. When the time comes, try calling your Beagle and rewarding it with a treat. Repeat this exercise every day and gradually increase the distance you’re calling it.

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