Personal protection dog training

Before you choose the right type of dog for personal protection training, you should consider the following factors. What makes a dog suitable for personal protection training? What are its benefits? And how can you make sure that it is up to the task? Read on to learn more about these aspects of dog training. Listed below are the most important features of a personal protection dog. Read on to decide whether or not this is right for you and your family.


There are a few prerequisites that you should have before taking a personal protection dog training class. This is because the class requires that you have at least some basic obedience training in your dog. Your dog should respond to commands such as sit, heel, and come when you call. You should also be familiar with the proper methods of on-leash control, heeling at a slow pace, and the basics of protection.


Personal protection dog training can help you to become more confident and capable of protecting your property. During training, your dog will learn to engage on command and evaluate a perceived threat. This will result in a range of responses ranging from an alarm bark to full apprehension and release. In addition to assisting with security, personal protection dogs can make great family pets. But, if you are looking for a dog for protection purposes, consider the following characteristics before enrolling it in a program.


If you are interested in protecting yourself from dangers, personal protection dog training can be of great benefit. Although dogs should be well-behaved household pets, these can be trained for different purposes. Some of the benefits of personal protection dog training include:

Prey drive test

A prey drive is a natural trait in most dogs. This behavior is easy to detect in puppies, as they like to chase balls and shake toys. It’s also common among happy-go-lucky dogs, such as labs and retrievers. But how can we test a dog’s prey drive? Here are some tips. You’ll be surprised at what you can learn. Read on to find out how to test your dog for this instinct.

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Obedience training

In the first level of protection dog obedience training, the dog is tested on its scenting abilities. In this phase, a helper walks a course and drops as many as eight articles. The dog must then wait for the scent to “age” for at least three hours before pursuing the object. This training takes 45 minutes and will ensure the dog responds correctly in an attack scenario. During this phase, the dog must also learn the commands come, stay, heel, and leave it.

Prey drive test results

If you’re considering getting a dog for personal protection, you might be wondering how to determine its prey drive. In general, the test will reveal the level of aggression a dog shows in response to various stimuli. While these results aren’t necessarily indicative of a dog’s actual temperament, they are a useful guide for personal protection dog training. The test results will provide the owner with a good understanding of their dog’s personality, so that training will be more effective and enjoyable.

Levels of protection dogs

Personal protection dog training can be of two levels: the first level, or Level One, teaches a dog to protect its owner by alerting and reacting to suspicious activity. This training does not involve full body contact, but instead focuses on a dog’s ability to sense movement and detect sound. Dogs trained to guard can be used to protect family members, business property, and vehicles. In both levels, the dog receives excellent obedience training.

Getting a protection dog

Before getting a protection dog, make sure you fully understand the responsibility of having one. This breed of dog requires early socialization, and it’s essential to follow the training regimen given to the dog at the facility. It must be trained in basic commands like alert bark and sit, and it should also learn how to respond to an intruder. You should make sure you invest the time to train your protection dog well, as this will increase the effectiveness of its protection.

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