Tips about training dogs

If you have a new puppy or an older dog, you may want to learn some tips about training dogs. You may not want to use negative reinforcement, but your pet owner might insist on a specific training method. Regardless of your reasons, a training plan should start as soon as possible. This way, you can see the results as quickly as possible. To get the most out of your training plan, you must start practical training as early as possible.

Principles of dog training

The following are some Principles of Dog Training that will make your dog’s training more sustainable. You should avoid rewarding your dog with treats and food when it does something wrong. Instead, praise it whenever it obeys a command and give him positive reinforcement when he does. Another way to teach your dog to listen to you is to break up the training into small steps. One example of this is the Premack principle. It works wonders for a sustainable dog training routine.

Principles of teaching commands to a dog

The principles of teaching commands to a dog include using a combination of rewards and punishment to achieve desired behavior. While punishment is intended to stop a dog’s behavior, it should only occur during or immediately after the behavior, and should reduce the dog’s reaction after two or three repetitions. Punishment should not create fear or pain in the dog and should play only a minor role in the resolution of the problem.

Principles of teaching body signals to a dog

In teaching your dog to heel, it is vital to use correct body signals. For example, a dog that has learned to look at the side of its handler when it is heeling should know that it is to stop. Otherwise, unintentional signals could lead to problems in training. In the video below, Cindy shows how to teach her young Malinois to stand from a sit, which is vital for Mondio Ring Sport training.

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Using an electric fence

If you use an electric fence when training your dog, you will have to pay attention to the flags on your property. You can set them ten feet apart and close to your dog’s electric fence. The flags will create a boundary that your dog will not cross, and you will have to give a command that he will not violate. Make sure that you don’t leave your dog alone in the area until he has obeyed.

Using a crate

Using a crate for training your dog can be very effective. Dogs love a secure space. You can train them to eliminate in a crate by using the same environment every day. Besides being effective, crate training is also fun for both you and your dog. You can gradually increase the amount of time your dog spends in the crate. You can also leave a treat for your dog at a specific place when training your dog.

Using a harness

Using a harness when training dogs is an effective way to ensure your dog wears the leash properly, but not all dogs will be comfortable wearing a harness. To prevent this, use treats and petting to distract your dog while they are wearing the harness. You can also tap the point where the leash attaches to the harness to alert your dog to its presence. The more frequently you use a harness, the faster it will acclimatize to the new item.

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