What is the average weight of an Affenpinscher dog

There are a number of different things to know about the size and weight of an Affenpinscher dog. This article will look at size, height, prey drive, and grooming. You will also find out what to expect in terms of exercise and diet. Read on to discover more! Until then, enjoy reading! And if you have any questions about the breed, feel free to ask away!


Affenpinschers are small dogs. They are 9.5 to 11.5 inches tall and weigh seven to nine pounds. Affenpinschers are loyal and affectionate but can be excitable and should be kept away from bigger dogs. It may take some time to settle down after playing and being around strangers. Affenpinschers are also prone to housebreaking. They need 20 to 30 minutes of exercise a day.


If you are planning to get an Affenpinscher puppy, you will want to know the height of the breed. Affenpinschers are relatively short, but this does not mean they are small. They are still large enough to be considered a companion dog. Their short legs are also a plus. They have small round feet, black nails, and paw pads. Their eyes are dark and perfect-round, so you can tell that they are Affens. Their coat colors range from tan to black, with orange, brown, or silver hairs mixed in. Sometimes, the Affen’s coat color has a rusty or silver cast.

Prey drive

If you’re interested in keeping small rodents out of your home, an Affenpinscher dog might be the right choice for you. While these dogs are not typically sporting dogs, they are excellent watchdogs and will find and kill small rodents and other animals. If you don’t mind the prey drive, you may want to consider an Affenpinscher if you have small children or don’t need a large backyard.

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Like any other breed of dog, the Affenpinscher requires regular grooming. To maintain its glossy, long coat, groom your Affenpinscher at least twice a week, and up to three or four times a week if it is shedding. Before you start the grooming process, brush through the dog’s coat with a metal comb or a slicker brush. Once the hair around the face and eyes is brushed out, trim it to leave room for the eyes.


It is important to take care of the Affenpinscher dog’s health to prevent many diseases and health problems. This breed has high energy levels and tends to get bored easily. Proper grooming is an essential part of their routine. Affens have very delicate feet and should be regularly examined for infection or damage. They should also be examined for signs of infection in their mouth and ears. Regular examinations of these areas can help to detect potential health problems early on.

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