What to feed your Affenpinscher dog

The Affenpinscher dog breed is easy to maintain and care for. This breed of dog is small, agile, and excitable. Affenpinschers take their duty to guard the home very seriously, and they will alert the whole neighborhood if someone approaches the front door. As with any breed, socialization is important for this breed’s health. If you’re planning to adopt an Affenpinscher, consider these tips when deciding what to feed your Affenpinscher dog.

Affenpinschers need attention, which is why you should feed them healthy and wholesome food. Affens are very intelligent dogs that require daily attention. Affenpinscher puppies, in particular, are easier to handle than full-grown adults. When picking up an affenpinscher puppy, support the dog’s rump with one arm and lift its rear end with the other. Be sure to give it a good treat after training.

Affenpinscher puppies should be fed a puppy diet to avoid food allergies. Adults can eat some human foods, but they should be limited to kibbles, as these contain omega-3 which improves the quality of the coat and skin. Kibbles, on the other hand, are good for strengthening the gums and reducing tooth decay. Affenpinscher dogs can also eat some human foods, but they should be prepared in a way that doesn’t introduce too much salt, as this can cause gastrointestinal problems for the pup.

While the Affenpinscher’s calorie intake will vary depending on its age, weight, and energy level, you should consider working with a veterinarian to determine a proper feeding schedule. The average Affenpinscher should eat between 0.25 to 0.5 cups of food each day, and should be divided into two separate meals. The more active your Affenpinscher is, the more food it needs. If your Affenpinscher is less active, you can reduce the amount of food by half a cup per day.

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